A transactional lawyer with nearly 40 years’ experience, my passion is to walk 360 degrees around every matter a client brings to me, to assess the legal issues at stake and to give the client an initial assessment of what is involved and the attendant risks. I work with my clients as members of the same team – a collaboration as we move forward.

I have represented clients all over California. My primary practice area is the Bay Area.

My transactional practice includes raw land for commercial, residential, industrial and academic development; large corporate, academic and public campuses; shopping centers; research parks; industrial parks; hotels; agricultural lands; professional offices; and warehouses.

legal services for real estate in the Bay Area


Real Estate Transactions

Acquisitions and Dispositions; Due Diligence Investigations; Loan Documentation Review; Structure, negotiate and close purchases; Commercial and Residential Leasing; Tenancy-in-Common Agreements; Public-Private Partnership Agreements

Residential Development

Land Acquisition; Negotiate and Document Development Agreements with Public Agencies; Subdivision Entitlement from Local Public Agency; Subdivision Entitlement from State; Negotiate Contracts with Architects, Contractors and other Design and Engineering Professionals; Prepare Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions; Prepare and/or Review Sales Documents; Ensure Client Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

Ground Leasing

College and University Residential Subdivisions; University Hospitals; University Research and Office Parks; Federal Lands; Single Parcels

Property Boundary Disputes

Historic Document Review; Title Insurance Policy Review; Negotiate and Document Easements as Resolution Mechanism

Title and Escrow

Review Preliminary Title Reports as part of Due Diligence for Acquisitions; Review Recorded Documents and Plat Maps to Determine Purpose and Location of Easements; Review Recorded Documents to Determine Limitations, Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements imposed; as Equitable Servitudes; Create Grantor-Grantee Indices to Determine Fractional Ownership; Review Title Policies for Coverage Issues; Review Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions to Determine Rights and Remedies of Property Owners

Land Use

Pursue Applications for Entitlements; Negotiate with Neighbors and Public Agency Planning Departments to Reach Effective Compromises; Review CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) Reports; Review NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Reports with respect to Federal Lands; Zoning Analysis and Client Advocacy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolution of Disputes through Negotiation and Settlement; Advise Clients on Available Remedies and Venues for Resolution; Represent Clients in Mediation of Disputes (Business and Personal Disputes Involving Contracts; Property; Boundary Disputes; Construction Disputes; Partnership, LLC and Corporate Disputes); Partitions

Negotiation, Documentation and Interpretation Of Contracts

Business Contracts; Equipment Leases; Joint Development Agreements; Global Framework Agreements for Suppliers; Mutual Supply and Distribution Agreements; Construction Contracts; Tenancy-in-Common Agreements; Promissory Notes

Limited Tax Advice

Sales and Use Taxes; Property Taxes; Taxation of Condominium Reserve Funds

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