A lifetime in California, 5 decades at Stanford.

Raised in the San Fernando Valley, I came to the Bay Area as a Stanford freshman and have resided there for nearly all of the ensuing years.

As my husband is fond of saying, “Robin bleeds Cardinal red,” as my Stanford ties run deep; an undergraduate degree a law degree; parent of an undergraduate; parent of a law student; mother-in-law of a law student, Director of Real Estate, Land Use and Transportation Programs; member of the Office of Stanford's General Counsel and wife of Stanford's eighth president, Donald Kennedy.

During the years I attended law school and the years I worked at Stanford, most young female lawyers had to make a choice between family and career; one couldn’t have it all. For me, the Stanford “family” facilitated my achieving a balance and enabled me to do both. As a practicing attorney, I have always been acutely aware that my non-corporate clients are not just clients, but also members of a family and have jobs. A characteristic of my style of practice is to take as much as I can off the clients’ shoulders so their legal matter doesn’t overwhelm their lives.


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My long experience as a real estate lawyer brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge.

Robin Kennedy